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Being updated after Wisdom Day 2021, Dec. 26, 2021. We honor Colin Powell. He became politically Independent. This is my major resource site for the mothers and children who are now coming to America as virtual slaves of men. See books and videos by Leonard Shlain who wrote about "The Alphabet versus the Goddess."; 7 SSZ

Photos of successful adults

Routefinders For Friends is Out Of Network


[v. 03-10-2022] "Launch Day for Psychotherapy Networker Symposium 2022 and my Exhibit honoring Colin Powell and our Peace-Ability Pole Project 2022. Log in on the Artificial Intelligence calendar for both Wisdom Day 2022 on July 3rd 2022 as well as Wisdom Day 2023 on a Holodeck ceremony held on.a grassy field in Honolulu Hawaii or a Mars Base B parade and sports complex [@Crunch fitness MarsBaseB] on Mars-2 via Oculus Prime goggles and Haptic sensory gloves]

Visitors please note that this online website was a Journal on High-octane support for 20 years thanks to author Majid Ali, MD, President of CUIM.edu. 

This website development process has become a strategic example of how to think about the Victory Villages that I proposed back in President Trump's first term.guifing The Ship of State.

The Victory Villages idea was my non-partisan proposal that the First Nations and the US government share 50-50 the land needed to set up three cities in uninhabitable lands in the western part of the USA.

 These would be lands unused by First Nations tribes and also not coveted by standard society in the east or dense urban areas around the nation. The rights to these lands would be granted for 100 years by First Nations tribes. After 100 years, if the First Nation elders decide that the United States is not treating Veterans, as well as the Disabled and First Nations residents in a good way, then the land would be released back to the First Nations 

Battered Women Syndrome page for Dr. Walker; donate to her work if you like what you read [LINK]

Battered Women book and author

Wisdom Day 2021 link that describes the work of Sophia Loren [Ralph Wilson | Wisdom Day 2021 and Sophia Loren (routefinders.org)]


[Add interim Kahn Academy publishing info.]

[Insert Kahn video clips.] And, yes I know Dr. Lenote E. Walker seems retired. However she still is in touch with numbers of tormented/raped wifes becausel....any Muslim Female in the USA can now legally kill her husband. According to "puzzling" Supreme Court ruling shortly after The Biden Experiment began. FYI: I am now living offshore most of the year in my "mobile Holodeck" on my digital planets land sales. (Legally JK Rowling and George Takei and Harrison Ford and Mark Hammel [add John Travolta] legally own Earth2 and Moon2 and Mars2 and I'll give to Whoopi Goldberg the entire land sales possess of the surface of Planet Pluto.


Masterclass Link and honor to Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology in 2014 about brain and mammal Orientation.

Nobel Prize


Acupuncture, Integrative Medicine, Biofeedback and Neuroscience are keys to my clinical referral network.

If you are a health practitioner here are some resources: 

AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging makes possible closer integration of western and energy medicine practitioners: MiridiaTech Update on Measurement Scale Internationally. Long Term relationship with Geriatric Mentoring essay


"Healing Through Pleasure" -- Acupressure points reroute energy distortions major reroute of pain leads to EMPOWERED life.

Learn more on acu-technology at: AcuGraph.com and LHASA OMS Everything acupuncture

Acupressure points affect motion and function

 [Dental wisdom: International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology IAOMT International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.] 

No more Bullies, PLEASE... (from any patriarchal belief system). Thank you. See videos and books by Leonard Shlain, MD, author of the book The Alphabet versus the Goddess. https://www.alphabetvsgoddess.... (Link.)

Insert photo of Dr. Walker. She is the PhD who established the Battered Woman defense for killing male sexual tormenter.

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