Urgent on Saturday August 14 after riding the bus in Albuquerque. I have Two New Websites and Two Menus as well as a new high powered Laptop. I am not retired and I am hoping to find a way to commit my life the a woman and her children. I started offering Olympic training signup to build skills in Girls and parents prior to declaring a sport for the Olympics. [Basically it is Pediatric consultation with Mental Excellence training.]

[Note to Self: Update after taking a needed rest.] Offer them to Follow my twitter channel: @

Today I got the sites crossed using Cut-and-Paste keyboard stroke shortcuts after meeting men and women who love America and served during the Vietnam Years. I have been hiding from the twisted minds of people who were ignorantly peace-nik. [See e-book I had served as "Reverse Prisoner of War" status after my first year at University of Michigan Medical School Class of 1974. My assignment to quarters and court-martial on a SAC base was from August 1971 to September 11 1972. I am currently actively licensed as a Naturopathic Physician as well as [NCCAOM] Acupuncture/Acupressure Educator.

Today that time seems ready to change in my recall of it. I will add to what I put online. You can find more on Twitter channels @NinjaPsychReal and @MarsBaseB. Of interest will be my Pre-Election channel that I stopped using prior to the vote (it may be a good read), it is @routefindersff

 I am a USAF Academy grad, but prior to that I was Navy SEAL trained and Army Airborne (Helmet 161) in interservice leadership. I had become a maverick legend and then disappeared after the wartime in Southeast Asia chewed us all up. I plan on pasting a link on this new computer to an old website that had been hacked. I am glad for your service. 

How to really find the threads of what we shared in blink flashion? Site 1: Natural World Healing; Site 2: Routefinders for Friends Institute.

See Battered Women Syndrome links and my menu items. I am almost "thawed out" after 30 years of mental Ice about military resilience.  Nobody loved that wartime. See my other site essay: Generals I knew; also see Wisdom Day 2021 Sophia Loren and No More Bullying

This morning I met many military and retired on the West side of the Albuquerque landscape and bus lines on the east side. On one bus I told the few riders that I was going to ask a woman to marry me. Well, I got to the office door where she works around 10 AM and the sign was marked Open at 8 AM. I think that means that she is dodging an encounter. Maybe there will be more... Thanks for your smiles as I told what I'd hoped to be the start of "Our Story."If so, then I will write on my Twitter Channel: @MarsBaseB.I may be the only lieutenant in the years who got out with an Honorable DIscharge but nobody ever knew because I never admitted I was able to stay alive by "walking forward out the gate of the SAC base and they handed me papers to get my car past the gate...It was a resignation of commission but I didn't know what it was. I never quit. I grew into the General that Brig. Gen. Harold F. Funsch wantedI ha me to be.  He and I both walked out of the military in 1972 (my DOS is September 11, 1972!). I also went through much more which I typed into a website that was hacked with code lines that were "Trojan Horse" from Russia and China."

None of you could know that behind the agile frame is years of Navy SEAL experience but they never told me that I was the first initiate from the US Air Force Academy to do cross training. NOBODY Gave the Return to Base signal. I cut out and went back to USAFA and continued "The Legend of Woody Wilson." I will write more in my family-oriented twitter channel @NinjaPsychReal.

[v. 08-12-2021]  What a cross-country trip it was for me. USA is past another Fourth of July and the people living inside our boundaries are discovering the meaning of the new phrase, "The Biden Misunderstanding."  TMy focus is helping people live their story, from prenatal to adult. I've met some very impressive youth and parents. Keep up the exploration, there are very effective tools for personal empowerment... Oops... Cuomo is being asked to step down because he hadn't read my book (Naturopathic Sexology). Please don't. Do listen to President Trump who wisely chose a wife who knows how to do acupressure on his shoulder and low back points. (See photos below.)

Pres Trump consoles Pres Biden about stepping down soon

FLOTUS45 is First Lady Melania Trump -- Looking like what I call Kung Fu wise elder Femme. She knows the proper acupressure points to help POTUS45 be lithe and buff. I will insert ones from another site: She presses between his shoulders and also just below back rib.

Older wiser Kung Fu Melania FLOTUS45 strong at work in first term

Lovers Acupressure points give energy

ACUPRESSURE POINTS: "Healing Through Pleasure" -- Acupressure points reroute energy distortions major reroute of pain leads to EMPOWERED Leaders -- Trump, Cuomo and Biden. Learn more on acu-technology at: AcuGraph.com and LHASA OMS Everything acupuncture

Acupressure points affect motion and function

Jaw thrust affects brain and emotion

Jaw thrust reveals emotional process underway. TMJ damage affects pressure on brain leading to desperate languaging to "kill the outsider"; FYI: the mandible is the only bone in the body that develops from "neural crest tissue" that becomes brain and spine. Hers is small compared to the video I saw on some renegade TV channel where a heavyset male trucker with reddened flushed face is driving a huge long-haul truck up a mountainside carrying a load of bulls that they are going to let loose and shoot. His jaw thrust forward evilly so his teeth stuck upright. His final quote about the long haul trucker event in a South American country was, "Whew! What a thrill now all I need is a bottle and a whore."  Both of them, and all people dealing with the "so-called Bias" problem is... get your teeth fixed, correct dental bite, and replace missing teeth so that the pressure of chewing will equally distribute the flushing upward of blood with each bite. Go for it! America will figure this situation out. [Dental wisdom: International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology IAOMT International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology.] 

Greyhound Sex Trafficking concern. My sites are dedicated to fighting sex trafficking and protecting women from men who marry them then make them into slaves. Greyhound bus industry takes women from around the country and leads them into low-income slavery. I asked the happy male leader of a group tired in the back of a bus station in Dallas Texas what they are doing... "They's strippers," he said. I exclaimed, What did you say? He replied they're strippers going to Las Vegas. I was sad, they were not even 25. One even came up to me while I was doing some Re of Jakku exercises with the staff and I ended up giving her one of my two staffs, some martial arts information and my transparent backpack so she could talk her way back onto the bus and not having the toy taken away. It is good for the wrist when you twist your hand and the ends pop out with a satisfying snap. 

Here is a woman doing martial arts with the staff 

As a former military officer I am glad that I've been Independent. I bought a latex mask (SpiritHalloween.com) of President Donald Trump,  made by a sculptor sort of like a Life Mask complete with muscles of the lips. It was titled, "President Pout." I started calling it President Pucker, because his kissing muscles made his lips look like the kind and compassionate lips I'd want to kiss a baby. He is very personable I thought. So, after he won the election I spent six months investigating him and decided that his skills in military commitment and high-stakes negotiating and taking chances made him the right man for the moment. However, in the last years during the campaign for 2020 I found that Spirit Halloween had a new Jewish CEO and he removed President Pout mask. That is a keepsake and I'd be glad to pay for one if you still have it. The ones that were sold prior to the election looked grotesque and frightening.  Will the Spirit Halloween store make Joe Biden look distorted this year?


Re of Jaku exercise staff ends pop out

Remember: Halloween is the day before All Saints Day when the townspeople have seen and overcome the distortions and selfishness of the time before. The film Night on Bald Mountain needs to be followed by the Ave Maria to show the power of calm and no-cell-phone quiet in the early morning light. FYI: I contacted a film company about the five second image of a broom-flying woman skeleton coming out of the flames of the mountain. It looked like a woman that many of us knew about who felt like her nose looked bad. I was told that the woman skeleton was included because the Night on Bald Mountain was depicting all the evil including the Holocaust gas ovens and flames and smoke.

Slaves are what women become in many households when the man bullies them. Jewish, Christian, Muslim, etc., have done this. No more Bullies, PLEASE... Thank you.

Dr. Walker's research helped women who "popped" and killed their abuser. (I call this "Popcorn Psychology" -- too much heat can cause a human to reach Rage.) The Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology in 2014 reveals how mammals orient to the world. (I call this, "Mammals make maps in their brain.") The recipients stated they were not sure how to clinically apply what they discovered. However, it seems clear to me that this mechanism for inputs (via the Hippocampus) helps social relationship orientation. My current slogan: No more Bullying.

For the last ten years I've watched the relationships of Muslim marriages. I hope to begin a retrospective study of what happens when a happy Muslim virgin gets married. One doctor I knew prior to the Attacks of 911 introduced a group to a visitor and she beamed with satisfaction at recently becoming a new Naturopathic Physician, born and raised in Canada. I don't know what happened to her after the 9-11 events. I'm hoping to enlist the aid of Dr. Khan at the Khan Academy to manage the data.

I'll use this new site layout to assist you in learning your options. I'm dedicated to developing a world much larger than currently imagined by folks looking at the incomplete model taught by Critical Race Theory. (Solution: Let's develop "Critical Male Theory." ) The original sin was tens of thousands of years ago when male humans failed to protect the bond between Mother and Child. McKenzie's book, Babies need Mothers, says that Schizophrenia is based on lack of Attachment between Mother and her child. Too often boys (Jewish, Christian, Muslim, etc.) are allowed to harm women, and miss out on the nurture they get from the loving female voice when Mom is not afraid of being killed by father or other males. Click here for a to-the-point look at the meaning of McKenzie's book Babies need Mothers Clancy McKenzie, M.D. 

Photo Dr Walker welcoming you

We can do this! Today you are one step closer to a new you where you feel empowered and on a positive path to growth and well-being. Click [here] to go to my social media site called Routefinders.org; you may have clicked onto my alias URL, DCNN.pro. You -- especially Moms or Dads with youth who spoke with me this past year -- [here] is the new link to planning for Wisdom Day 2021 on August 16, 2021. I honor Anti-Bully actor, Sophia Loren. Any money that my sites bring is dedicated to the author of the book, The Battered Woman Syndrome, author Lenore E. Walker, PhD, at her non-profit site called, Domestic Violence Institute.

Note: Here is the link to my profile at Psychology Today therapist directory:

As a solution-focused therapist, my goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. While we can't change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life. By applying complementary therapy approaches and techniques, we will unearth long-standing behavior patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

If you're looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or you're just ready to move in a new direction in your life, I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

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